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Feud Alert: NBA Star Dillon Brooks Reignites Rivalry with Warriors’ Draymond Green – Find Out Why He Refuses to Even Speak to Them!

Dillon Brooks, the Memphis Grizzlies’ small forward, has reignited his feud with Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors, stating that he “doesn’t like anything to do with them.” Brooks and Green had a heated exchange in a game between the two teams in 2020, leading to Brooks being ejected.

Brooks recently spoke to the media about the incident, saying that he has no interest in mending fences with Green or the Warriors. He cited Green’s trash-talking as the reason for their initial altercation and claimed that he doesn’t respect the Warriors as a team.

Despite their bad blood, Brooks acknowledged that Green is a great player and a valuable member of the Warriors. However, he maintained that he has no desire to interact with him or the team in any way.

This feud adds to the already heated rivalry between the Grizzlies and the Warriors. The two teams have faced off in several high-intensity games over the past few years, with each side securing victories. Brooks’ comments will likely add fuel to the fire, making future matchups between the two teams even more intense.

In conclusion, Dillon Brooks’ recent comments show that the bad blood between him and the Golden State Warriors is still very much alive. His refusal to interact with Draymond Green or the Warriors in any way will likely make future games between the two teams even more intense.

Dillon Brooks’ statements indicate that there is a longstanding animosity between him and the Golden State Warriors. This type of rivalry is not uncommon in the NBA, where players and teams often engage in heated exchanges and physical altercations.

However, it is worth noting that Brooks’ comments could also be seen as a form of gamesmanship. By publicly stating his dislike for the Warriors and Green, he may be attempting to get inside their heads and disrupt their game plan. This type of psychological warfare is a common tactic in sports, and it can be effective in throwing off opponents’ focus and concentration.

Moreover, this feud also highlights the importance of maintaining professional conduct on the court. While trash-talking and physicality are a part of the game, it is crucial that players know where to draw the line. Incidents like the one between Brooks and Green can escalate quickly, leading to ejections, fines, and suspensions.

Overall, Dillon Brooks’ comments suggest that the rivalry between the Grizzlies and the Warriors is still very much alive. While it remains to be seen whether this will impact their performance on the court, it is clear that both teams will continue to bring their best game when they face off against each other.

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