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Breaking barriers and busting stereotypes: Tessa Thompson shares her vision for a more inclusive Hollywood in exclusive interview!

The Hollywood Reporter has published an article about the upcoming film “Creed III,” featuring an interview with Tessa Thompson. Thompson discusses the importance of representation and diversity in Hollywood, and how she strives to bring those values to her work.

Thompson, who will reprise her role as Bianca Taylor in the film, talks about how she appreciates the opportunity to play a character who is complex and multidimensional. She also highlights the importance of working with a diverse cast and crew, citing the example of director Steven Caple Jr., who is Black.

Thompson also speaks about her involvement with Time’s Up, a movement that advocates for gender equality and aims to end sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. She stresses the importance of creating safe and inclusive environments for all workers, and how she hopes her work in Hollywood can contribute to this goal.

Overall, the article showcases the values and beliefs that Thompson brings to her work as an actress and activist. She emphasizes the need for representation and diversity in Hollywood, and how she strives to make a positive impact both on and off screen. As “Creed III” approaches its release date, fans of the franchise can look forward to seeing Thompson’s continued commitment to these values.

In addition to discussing her values and beliefs, Thompson also shares some insights into her character’s arc in “Creed III.” She notes that Bianca Taylor will face new challenges as she balances her music career and motherhood, and how she and the filmmakers worked to portray these struggles in a realistic and nuanced way.

Thompson also discusses the impact that the “Creed” franchise has had on her career, both in terms of the opportunities it has provided and the ways in which it has allowed her to explore complex and challenging characters. She notes that she feels a strong connection to the character of Bianca and how much she enjoys bringing her to life on screen.

Throughout the interview, Thompson demonstrates her passion for storytelling and her commitment to using her platform to promote positive change. She emphasizes the importance of representation and inclusion, and how these values can help to create a more just and equitable society.

Overall, the article provides an engaging and insightful look at both the upcoming film “Creed III” and the values that drive Tessa Thompson as an actress and activist. Fans of the franchise and Thompson’s work can look forward to seeing her bring her talent and commitment to the big screen once again.

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